Brazilian Waxing Expert

Welcome To Cristina’s Place, Brazilian Waxing Expert

Accredited and highly trained waxing therapist with extensive experience, Cristina specialises in Brazilian Waxing, using advanced techniques and the world’s best wax brands.

Cristina was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania where she first discovered her passion for waxing in her late teens and has continued to wax ever since.

Constantly focusing on her professional development, Cristina became a pioneer in intimate waxing and it is now her most requested service.

She is a true waxing expert, dedicated to providing superior service and hygiene and she has built a loyal following from all walks of life by making sure that the warm and inviting atmosphere is as important as her waxing.

With a guaranteed excellent waxing treatment, Cristina’s Place is definitely the go-to destination for your waxing needs!


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